Russia World Cup 2018 : The Ultimate Guide

This is the Fan Guide for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, produced for the benefit of football followers and also travelers that plan to check out the Russia world cup 2018 event.

The best ways to get into Russia, why and also that requires FAN ID, how to exchange currency for rubles, where to find Wi-Fi, the best ways to schedule a resort as well as where to locate the best sports bar

The World Cup will be hosted by 11 cities. Each is special in its very own means and represents the richness of Russian nature, society and typical heritage. Moscow, Sochi, Kazan, Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Saransk, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaliningrad as well as Samara– these cities will certainly create a memorable experience, welcoming everybody who wants to experience this celebration of football.

To help you get an overview of what does this article is talking about, we made this table of contents  below for you:



The underground (Metro) is considered one of the fastest types of transportation in Russian cities since it’s an excellent way to stay clear of traffic congestion during rush hour. Below ground transportation is offered in 6 host cities of the champion: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, and also Ekaterinburg. In Volgograd, there’s the metro tram, a high-speed cable car

Bus, trolleybus and also tram

Ground public transportation is accessed from the front door of the vehicle; you generally pay the driver directly when entering, or the conductor when he goes into. In Moscow, there are controllers as well as turnstiles to gain access to all ground transportation. One-way tickets and also multiple-journey tickets could be bought in special ticket wait for the stops and terminals. The costs are set by the local authorities, which is why the prices differ from city to city.

Commuter trains

Traveler trains, or elektrichkas, cover not only the city however additionally the closest suburban areas, from 100 to 150 kilometers from the city center. The ticket cost depends on the range of your trip as well as tickets need to be acquired beforehand from the ticket booth or terminal. If a terminal has neither ticket booths nor terminals, a ticket can be purchased on board of the train from representatives of the provider.

One-way tickets need to be made use of the very same day they are bought and also are only valid for that particular location; round-trip tickets could be made use of within 24 hours of their acquisition (other than during weekends and legal holidays).

Cabs in Russia

All Russian World Cup host cities have lawful taxi business. They have their very own fleets of vehicles which are regularly experiencing technological upkeep and are licensed to deliver travelers as well as baggage.

Mobile apps allow you to discover the approximate expense of your trip beforehand, and to pay by card. If there is no meter in the vehicle as well as the taxi was gotten at a taxi stand or over the phone, the cost of the journey needs to be talked about with the driver prior to separation. The cost of the journey depends either on the range in kilometers or on the overall length of the journey, if negative website traffic is anticipated.

Traveler guidelines

A number of guidelines need to be complied with when taking a taxi. Inning accordance with Russian legislation, youngsters under 12 must always ride in child security seats or special car seat– in any type of automobile, consisting of a taxi. The penalty for damaging this law is 3,000 roubles. Various other legislation appropriate to taxi guests consists of distorting your seat belt (penalty is 1,000 roubles) as well as exiting the cars and truck just as soon as it has involved a full stop.

Smoking cigarettes (either for passengers or the driver) should be talked about ahead of time. Some taxi business forbids passenger smoking. Traveling with pets may be restricted. Usually, guests are allowed to move felines or small dogs in providers; however, riding with larger or unique pets (as an example, reptiles) need to be talked about in advance.

Forgotten things need to be reported as soon as possible either via mobile application or by phone to the taxi company’s operator.


A lot of cabs are cash-only. Repayment by bank card should be reviewed when getting. If making use of a mobile app, it’s normally possible to pay online by credit card. Tipping the chauffeur is not required. The motorist might assist you with your personal belongings, but it is not one of their straight obligations.

The customer normally pays for vehicle parking or tolls. Several businesses use additional alternatives, such as a bigger trunk, youngster safety and security seat, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, as well as airport/train terminal pick-up at the gate. All of these services need to be gone over in advance with the firm.

Renting out a vehicle in Russia

Ways to rent a car

You could rent any class of auto online from global rental companies, Russian business, or aggregator sites (websites that check a number of firms for the very best feasible deals). You can also lease a car and truck at flight terminals as well as railway terminals in big cities. Some hotels additionally use cars and truck rental solutions.

Motorist needs

Most of the times, the vehicle occupant have to be at least 21 years old for An as well as B course automobiles as well as 23 years of ages for C class and above. An ID, as well as a driver’s certificate that expires no less than a year after the date of the rental, are needed. Large business will certainly require one or two active bank cards for the deposit. The down payment differs relying on the rental company, make from the vehicle, and begins at 4,500-5,000 roubles.

Insurance policy

You must carefully check the insurance plan when renting a car. There are two types of automobile insurance coverage in Russia: required (OSAGO) as well as a volunteer (KASKO).

According to the needed vehicle insurance coverage (OSAGO), the amount that the insured’s policy will certainly repay third parties/other automobiles in a situation of damage, will certainly not go beyond 400,000 roubles. This amount might be paid to everyone who experienced an accident caused by the guaranteed. In the situation of a death, the insurer will certainly compensate 500,000 roubles to the family members of the deceased. Any damages in addition to these legitimately established amounts are to be paid by the event that caused the accident, out-of-pocket or with volunteer insurance coverage.

KASKO (volunteer insurance) policies, as well as deductibles, are managed by the client’s arrangement with the insurer. KASKO arrangements often consist of an insurance deductible. It’s a smart idea to discover if a rental vehicle includes KASKO insurance, prior to leasing the automobile.


Many rental companies require a security deposit. The down payment covers possible damages not covered by insurance coverage– tires, mirrors, home windows, in addition to gas and the insurance policy deductible. The client will get the deposit back if they return the automobile without damages and also with a complete tank of gas. It generally takes between 2-3 days as well as a month for the down payment funds to be offered on your charge card.

The deposit amount is straightly related to the chauffeur’s responsibility in case of damage or car theft. One of the most typical alternatives is for the client to surrender the down payment if they trigger an accident.

Full security

In some cases, the business provides an additional solution referred to as “lower risk of obligation” or “insurance deductible defense”. It ensures that the customer will certainly not be butted in case of a roadway crash if they are exempt from the crash. An “absolutely no responsibility” or “total insurance deductible security” solution could additionally be supplied, which guarantees that the client will not be delegated any kind of damages or automobile theft as long as they did not badly breach website traffic policies. Driving intoxicated or refusal of a medical check-up are taken into consideration severe offenses.

The full defense could be purchased for an added fee. It is best to discover ahead of time if this is an option.

Additional conditions

It’s common for rental companies to restrict your everyday permitted mileage or ban you from leaving the region where you have actually leased the auto. Violating these problems will lead to a fine. It’s uncommon to rent your vehicle in one location as well as return it somewhere else. Not all companies permit you to drive beyond Russia (this ought to be discussed ahead of time).

The Best Ways to Transfer Money to Russia

Finding a service center

Before you make a transfer to Russia it needs to be clarified whether the Russian city where you stay is connected to your picked cash transfer system. If you’re in a larger city you should check the listings of the transfer service, to ensure that you understand one of the most practical places for you to receive the cash You could find the listings of the solution centres either online or in the workplace where you send out the cash In Russia, as a rule, solution centres with the capability to manage money transfers run in banks or at the Russian Post Office.

transfer money

To earn the transfer, you need to have the ability to offer the precise individual details and identity of the person getting the cash in Russia (e.g. the last name, given name, etc.) and also the sum of loan you wish to transfer. Generally, the providers of these services take a commission from the transferred sum; maintain this in mind when determining the last sum to be transferred. Occasionally the address of the person receiving should be offered, yet this is not a common technique; the city where the receiving celebration currently stays need to be enough.

Ways to receive cash

Be sure to get the details essential from the person sending out the money to you (e.g. the control variety of the transfer; the personal details of the individual sending out the money; the precise amount transferred; as well as the country it has been transferred from) before most likely to the solution centre as well as the department managing this. You will certainly have to take your key with you to ensure that your individual details could be confirmed. Generally, the cash will certainly be distributed in the very same money it was sent out.

Bringing international currency into Russia

Russian regulation enables you to generate under $10,000 (or its equal in any type of currency) in cash money. These limitations concern pay just, there is no limitation to the amount you can bring in on credit/debit cards.

Exchanging currency

In Russia, currency could be traded in banks or specialized exchange factors. It’s simple to find the exchange factors– they are marked by LED indicators marketing current currency exchange rate for the US buck as well as euro. Exchange points have adaptable hours; a number of them are open 24/7. You could likewise exchange your currency into roubles at the airport terminal when you get here, but the exchange rate there is typically worse compared to in the city. You could not utilize international currency to pay for products and also services in Russia– all transactions are conducted in roubles only.

credit card payment

Charge card repayment is widely offered in Russia, especially in huge cities. Any kind of product can be bought with a charge card. The financial institution will automatically transform the payment into roubles and also deduct the sum from the card. This is the most economic settlement approach, considering that the money conversion will certainly be done according to the financial institution’s internal rate, which may be much better than the currency exchange price.


Emergency services as well as medical care

To call a public ambulance, dial 103 from any kind of mobile phone, 03 from any type of landline, or 112 for emergency situation services. An emergency situation telephone call from cell phones is readily available also if you run out a solution, lacked minutes or have the SIM card blocked.

You can likewise call a commercial ambulance or emergency situation services, the numbers for which could be found online. If you call a business rescue on your own prior to obtaining in touch with your insurance coverage, you will have to pay for its services out-of-pocket, in cash money.

Where to get medicine

As opposed to vitamins and also food supplements, which could be purchased in the regular corner store, pharmaceuticals can just be purchased in apothecary facilities (pharmacies). There are several large drug shop firms that operate in Russia, and also their shops can be discovered in virtually every community. These drug stores are not divided by rate array, and also bring a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical products that are designed to be budget-friendly to purchasers of any kind of revenue degree.

Every drug store typically has an eco-friendly cross indicator, located over the entry or next to the shop’s sign. Usual working hours for a drug store differ, yet the conventional variety is from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.


A hospital stay, as well as out-patient care, are always consisted of in clinical insurance policy. If you (or a person helping you) have called a public rescue, you must still call your insurance provider. Just they can tell you which hospital you should go to for additional therapy. Numerous insurance plan permits you to be carried back house for healthcare.

Ways to stay connected

Most popular mobile plans in Russia are pay-as-you-go. Set up bundles (a SIM card and instructions) are sold in most shopping centers, numerous grocery stores and also hypermarkets, airports, train stations and in stores near metro terminals. The team at airport terminal mobile shops normally speak international languages (mostly English). There are operator-owned stores and general mobile shops, which offer SIM cards of much major mobile companies.

Shopping and also eating out

Just like anywhere else in the world, in Russia, you can consume on the roads, at fast food restaurants, in the eating halls, coffeehouse and also dining establishments of different types, from low-cost to the very costly. Street food is not just hot dogs as well as shawarmas, otherwise referred to as döner kebabs. There are great deals of food stalls and food vehicles in large Russian cities, serving all sort of diverse contemporary road food, from burgers as well as kebabs to Korean vapor buns and tacos.

All of the shopping malls have their food courts, with all kinds of cuisine, including transnational convenience food, such as McDonald’s, Russian-style shops with bliny as well as pies, sushi shops as well as Oriental areas with kebabs as well as pilaf.

In case of an urgent situation

Your docs happen to be dropped as well as take

Try to make a call-up and submit a statement at a police station. You may need to submit a loss/theft of passport form and receive an invoice, validating the loss of your passport. You will need to get in touch with your embassy or consulate. The process may differ based on your home country, however, you will certainly need to have an affirmation of passport loss from the police and a passport photo (the photo can be taken in a mini-studio or even a photo booth, which can be found in almost any shopping mall in Russia). After you receive your new passport or another transit document, you will need to apply for an exit visa. A plane ticket back to your home country is typically required for an exit visa.

Your cash or bank cards are lost or stolen

First of all, you will need to block your cards. To be able to get this done, you will need to get in touch with the financial institution or the worldwide payment system that released your credit card. You ought to also communicate with your embassy – they should have the ability to assist in working with the police to get the important docs for the insurance company or bank. Your traveler insurance definitely typically pays out a specific amount for essentials in this kind of unexpected emergency situations. You may use cash transfer solutions to receive extra money coming from family members and close friends.

You are lost

We suggest that you enroll with your embassy or when you arrive in Russia and take note of urgent situation contact numbers just in case you get lost. By using any kind of mobile phone map service that works with GPS NAVIGATION can also help you locate your way. It’s a good strategy to have your hotel and/or residence address written down in Russian, in case that your mobile phone runs out of battery. Locals or police can assist you to get around in large towns and cities, as well as you can easily examine roadmaps found at general public transport stops

You are a sufferer of a wrongdoing

The very first thing for you to do is definitely get in contact with your embassy. staff will assist you with police inquiries and, if possible, support you hire an attorney. Keep in mind that you’re not obliged to speak to the police without an attorney and an interpreter present, and you possess a right to just one telephone call in case you have been caught. You will need to get in touch with your insurance company for any financial or physical harm (which includes medical bills) compensation.

Emergency phone numbers

112, 101 – phone numbers of all emergency assistance
101 – Firefighters
102 – Police
103 – Emergency medical care
100 – Exact time

Visas to the Russian Federation

Traveler visa

To be able to get a travel visa, the below docs will be required:

1. Original passport/foreign passport with the minimum of two clean pages, it ought to be valid for a minimum of Six months pursuing the end of the time period of the visa.
2. Two copies of the filled-in and signed visa application form with a photo (it is completed online on the website of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation).
3. A photo (3.5 × 4.5 cm (in a series of countries two photos will be required).
4. The original and a copy of an insurance policy that is valid on Russian territory.
5. A voucher or an agreement for traveler services and affirmation of reception of an international traveler from a travel provider in a form of the established type. The right to offer visa assist to foreign tourists is only possessed by Russian tour firms that have been registered with the Consular Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (it ought to be mentioned that affirmation of a hotel booking is not really grounds for the giving of a visa).

The kind of visa application form may differ in accordance with the countryside. The application form is filled up in Russian or in the language of the country in which the applicant completely lives. In cases where the requested language is not on the website, you have to select whether Russian or English. When the form has been completed, it should have printed out on one side of the paper (two sides for people of Great Britain, Canada, the USA and Georgia).

Private visa

In case you have friends, family members in Russia, afterward you are able to apply for a private visa. To do this, you will need the same docs concerning a travel visa, however rather of a notice of affirmation coming from the tour agent you ought to put up the original of an official invitation from a person from the Russian Federation. That original should be drawn up in the territorial section of the Federal Migration Assistance of the Russian Federation in which anybody giving the invitation resides or is registered as living.

Where to put up the docs

Usually, you can certainly apply for the visa by personally submitting the necessary docs at a Russian embassy. In a few countries, you have to make a scheduled appointment to do this beforehand. In certain countries, docs are submitted at the visa centers of different agencies. As an example, in Great Britain, Finland and South Korea, Russian visa centers are operating by the company VFS, whereas in a number of European countries the firm VHS runs the center. In the USA this process is performed by ILS USA. A detailed list can be found on the website of the Consular services of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Extra documents

Based on the region which is where the visa is being applied for, the Russian embassy might require further docs for the handling of a visa application. They can consist of, for example, financial docs validating the control of adequate resources for the trip to Russian Federation and return to the applicant’s homeland. Residents of a number of countries, when applying for a Russian visa, need to present the original returning tickets for their particular trip. This kind of guidelines is basically for the people of India, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, China, Syria, Turkey and many different countries. In particular situations, US citizens must also present their very own air tickets when submitting their visa applications.

Visa charges

Fees for the pulling up of visas differ based on the region which is where the application is posted, the type of visa getting applied for and the emergence of its handling. Generally, the consular cost fits the fee billed by the country in question for the handling of a visa for a Russian person. For instance, the fee for the handling of a non-urgent single-entry or double-entry visa for US citizens is $160, while for European Union citizens it is €35.

Visa handling time

The regular time period intended for the providing of a visa is from 4 to 20 working days. As a guideline, the time durations rely on the kind of visa getting implemented for and the country in which usually the program is created. Fast-track handling is usually possible, with handling acquiring between one and three days. In these cases, the visa fees are multiplied.



The majority of all of the worldwide hotel chains run in Russia: Radisson, Hilton, Accor Group, Marriott, Sheraton, Kempinski, and others. Regardless of where the hotel is, it is assured to match the chain’s high standards.
Russian accommodations are carefully classified by law (Russian Ministry of Culture Order No. 1215 of 11 July 2014). Every single hotel has to match one of the different types, from “no stars” to five stars.
In a three-star hotel, the guest visitors can certainly count on a full ensuite bathroom, TV SET, telephone and standard furnishings in their particular room, as well as a café and bar in the hotel.
Additionally, to the previously mentioned, a four-star hotel will frequently provide climate control, a safe-box, a refrigerator, room services, an in-house gym, daily change of bed sheets, and a 24-hour restaurant and bar. A room in a five-star hotel is likely to have a spacious bathroom with complimentary toiletries, a high-end restaurant in the hotel, and an in-house health center.
There is rarely a hotel in Russia with no Wi-Fi, and it’s totally free in the majority of hotels.

Important Hints

Whenever remaining in a hotel or hostel in Russia, it is recommended to follow a couple of basic protection instructions.
When departing your hotel room, be sure you lock the windows, the balcony door, and the room door.
Keep your money and belongings inside the safe-box, if there is one in your room. If there isn’t, demand safe-keeping assistance at the reception.

Do not open your door to unknown people, and you should never accept any kind of service products and solutions exterior the hotel’s official list of offerings readily available to guest visitors. Generally, there is a land-line telephone in every single room. Utilize it to get in touch with a reception and obtain the hotel’s list of services directly.
All open public and staff areas in the hotel are supplied with monitoring cams. The hotel’s protection services download surveillance camera footage and maintain it on record for 24 hours.
In the case of any kind of distressing circumstance, get in touch with a consultant of the hotel’s security assistance, who will certainly contact the police if necessary.
When you need a taxi, it’s recommended to request one via an official company through a mobile phone app. The staff at reception commonly have many cab assistance mobile phone numbers mentioned.
If you happen to be hanging out for a walk, make certain you take your hotel’s address and your destination address in Russian. If you get lost, this can certainly help you talk to local people for guidance.


When visiting as a family member or a large group, it is most likely a great idea to rent an apartment large enough for everybody. You get your private kitchen and you get to find the city as the local people see it. Short-term apartment leasing is a flourishing business in the major towns and cities. Whenever this can be your lodging option of choice, it is more secure to bargain not with personal persons, but with companies, that generally deal with numerous apartments rentals. Make your booking on a trustworthy aggregator website, and cautiously examine the opinions provided by the persons who utilized the company before.

Exceptional fan events

Fan Fest

FIFA Fan Event is the official area for the open public screening of 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup games for the ones who could not make it to the arena stands. This is a wonderful chance for the followers to enjoy the live streams of the matches played by the greatest worldwide teams and to do it in a secure condition. Nevertheless, the FIFA Fan Event is not reasonably limited with just football: typically, all tourists are going to be provided an abundant pleasure program, such as activities by well-known music artists, the process of numerous fascinating stands and interesting activities organized by the 2018 World Cup associates and sponsorships.
Entry to the funfest would be totally free of charge, and checking out the Festival will be comfy, secure and memorable.
In Russian Federation, the Fan Event will be organized in almost all ELEVEN host cities of the 2018 World Cup and will last throughout the competition. Unforgettable spots in the attractive sites of the central part of the cities will likely be selected for the fanfest, exactly where every single fan who is going to check out the World Cup in Russia can easily reach to.
The FIFA Fan Event will end up as an essential component of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, and its venues will become the destination for group meetings of fans from across the globe.

Russia World Cup 2018 Stadiums

Now let’s jump to the Russia stadiums. Being one of the Russia world cup fans, it’s an essential thing to get a clear image of the Russia stadiums that would host the FIFA world cup 2018 matches. In this section, we will get to every single stadium by introducing a small background for each one plus some instructions on how to get to it.

But, before we get into details, let’s check out this short video about the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia Stadiums:

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Luzhniki Stadium

Luzhniki Stadium

Luzhniki Stadium, initially called Central Lenin Stadium, was constructed between 1955 and also 1956. It was the result of the passion of the Soviet leadership to upgrade the country’s sports facilities after the Soviet Union had actually tasted its initial post-war successes at the 1952 Olympics.


The Metro station nearest to Luzhniki Stadium is Vorobyovy Gory on Sokolnicheskaya Line. The arena is a ten-minute walk from there. Luzhniki Station, which belongs to Moscow’s Central Ring, is approximately the same distance away.

Among the closest bus and trolleybus stops is Luzhniki Station on Third Traffic Ring, which is also a ten-minute stroll from the stadium. It could be reached by bus М3, С12, 64, 255 or 806, or trolleybus 28. There is another stop nearby, Luzhniki Stadium on Komsomolskiy Prospekt, which is, basically, within the very same walking distance. The exact same buses as well as trolleybuses quit right here, plus 2 more buses: Т79 and А.

Spartak Stadium

Spartak Stadium

A couple of World Cup fields in the Russian funding, Spartak Stadium is located in the northwest of Moscow, in the Tushino district. It was constructed in 2014 on the premises of exactly what used to be the Tushino Airfield. It takes roughly 40 mins by metro to obtain from the city center to the stadium.


The most practical means to get to the Spartak Stadium is by metro. There are actually two terminals of the Tagansko-Kranospresnenskaya metro line (line # 7) in the close location of the stadium. One of them is Spartak metro station, 3-5 minute leave the arena, and also the various other one is Tushinskaya metro station (7-10 mins by foot).

Tushinskaya city terminal belongs to the eponymous transportation hub, which also consists of a rural bus terminal and Tushino railway terminal.

Arena Saint Petersburg

Arena Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg Stadium, also described as Zenit Arena, Krestovsky Stadium, and Piter Arena is the lately opened brand-new stadium of FC Zenit. It got constructed at the website of the previous Kirov Stadium.

Saint Petersburg Stadium was initially to be moneyed by Russian gas firm Gazprom, however after they took out the job was taken control of by the St. Petersburg local government. Works lastly sped up in 2016 and the arena was finished in April 2017, nevertheless, total costs had skyrocketed past $1 billion, which made it one of the most expensive stadiums ever before constructed.


The most practical method to obtain to Saint Petersburg Stadium is by the city. The closest city terminal is Krestovsky Ostrov (city line # 5), and also, it’s a 20-minute stroll from the field.

On game days traffic around the stadium will certainly be limited and mass transit will be somewhat restricted. Routine local courses will certainly be abbreviated, yet there will certainly be some added shuttle. These shuttles will certainly stop at two places. One is the Krestovsky Ostrov bus station (Airport – Stadium, Ploshchad Vosstaniya/Moskovsky Railway Station– Stadium, Petrogradskaya metro – Stadium paths). The other one will certainly be the junction of Sportivnaya Street and also Morskoy Prospect (Vyborgskaya metro – Stadium path).

The closest bus and cable car quit on the game days will certainly be located at Yakhtennaya Street in Primorsky District. To walk from the bus stop to the stadium will take about 25 minutes. To get to the stop, take buses № 101, 101А, 110, 134А, 134Ш, 170, 211, 216, 32, 93 and cable cars № 19, 48.

Kazan Arena

Kazan Arena

The Kazan Arena was constructed in simply 3 years, an incredibly short time period. Although the stadium is just one of the initial purely footballing centers in Russia, the opening and also closing ceremonies of the XXVII Summer Universidad were held here in 2013. The Kazan Arena additionally held the 2015 World Aquatics Championships, during which two competition-sized pool were erected within the arena.

One of the Kazan Arena’s standout attributes is its media appearance, which is just one of the biggest in the world for a sports arena and is comprised of 3 HD plasma panels gauging 4,200 settled meters.


The Kazan Arena is located in the north-east of the city of Kazan, on the west financial institution of the Kazanka river, at concerning 6 kilometers from central Kazan.

The arena can be gotten to with either cable car 5 or 6. Tram 5 runs from Passazhirsky main railway terminal in central Kazan not much from the Kazan Kremlin and also Rubin’s former Central Stadium Cable car 6 connects the Kazan Arena with destinations in the north of Kazan. Leave at stop Kazan Arena.

You can capture trolleybus 7, likewise from central Kazan, or one of the several local buses that pass the stadium.

Fisht Stadium

Fisht Stadium

Fisht Olympic Stadium was constructed to act as the centerpiece place of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. During the Olympics, it organized both the opening and also closing ceremony.

The arena lacked an objective following the Games but was selected as one of the playing venues of the 2018 World Cup. For this, the shut roof had to be opened up, and additional seats were put to enhance capacity with a little over 6,000 seats. Works were completed in late 2016.


Fisht Stadium is located in the Olympic Park, and the most hassle-free transport from Sochi and Adler is the commuter train. A ride from Sochi will certainly be 50 minutes, while a trip from Adler will certainly be only 13 mins. You could stroll from the station to the arena via the Olympic Park in an issue of 20 minutes.

On the video game days of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the number of commuter trains in these instructions will certainly be increased, specifically two-three hours before the game and one-two hours after the game.

buses № 57, 57К, 100, 125С, 124С;

added shuttle relocating between the Sochi Railway Station and also the Olympic Park, as well as between the Sochi International Airport and the Olympic Park.

There are plenty of modern-day bars and dining establishments spread out around in the location, particularly in the strip along the coast.

Volgograd Arena

Volgograd Arena


Volgograd Arena was improved on the site of the Central stadium, at the foot of the Mamayev Kurgan war memorial. The location of the previous stadium is a Mecca for neighborhood football supporters, with a lot more seasoned among them able to remember European triumph over Manchester United and also residential battles with Spartak Moscow.


The local public transportation stop is 200 meters from the arena. This high-speed cable car stop, Tsentralnyi Stadion, was closed throughout of arena building but will resume by the start of the World Cup. There is a bus quit of the same name alongside it, which could be reached by bus 95 or trolleybus 9 or 12.

It takes 10 to 15 mins to stroll to Volgograd Arena from the Mamaev Kurgan train stop. This train stop can be reached by electrical train from any kind of part of Volgograd as all city districts are covered by train service.

Yekaterinburg Arena

Yekaterinburg Arena

Background and description

The Yekaterinburg Arena, then still called Central Stadium, was developed in between 1953 and 1957. The arena was at first a multi-sports sector, also holding athletics and ice skating events.

Central Stadium, with an ability of 27,000, stayed greatly unmodified in the following years until strategies were made in the mid-2000s to extensively redevelop the arena. Works started in 2007, and also, after several hold-ups, were completed in 2011, providing the arena a comprehensive make-over, however keeping the athletics track and also sticking with a comparable capability as in the past.


There are two quits for buses, trolleybuses as well as marshrutkas near the stadium. The closest quit, called Tsentralnyi Stadion, is on Ulitsa Repina, 100 meters down the road from the field. Buses 2 and 25 as well as trolleybuses 3, 7 as well as 17 stops there. The other quit, Institut Svyazi, is at the crossing of Ulitsa Repina as well as Ulitsa Kraulya, 400 meters from the stadium. This is the quit for buses 2, 21, 24, 25, 27 & 28, trolleybuses 3, 7 & 17 and also marshrutkas 4, 12, 16, 19, 43, 45, 52 & 70.

The Metro terminal closest to Ekaterinburg Arena, Ploshchad 1905 Goda, is 4 bus stops away. To get to the arena from the Metro terminal, take bus 2, trolleybus 3, 7 or 17 (from the quit Ploshchad Malysheva), or marshrutka 19 (in front of the Metro leave).

Stadium Kaliningrad

Stadium Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad Stadium, likewise referred to as the Arena Baltika, is a presently under-construction brand-new arena in the city of Kaliningrad, that will be just one of the playing places of the 2018 World Cup. After the World Cup, the arena will certainly end up being the house of FC Baltika, who currently dip into the moderate Baltika Stadium.


There are no public transportation stops near the new arena right now. The closest quits remain in the household west end of the island, a 20-minute leave. Neighborhood authorities have promised excellent roadways for Oktyabrsky Island and simple mass transit accessibility to Stadium Kaliningrad by the time FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia ™ starts.

Stadium Nizhny Novgorod

Stadium Nizhny Novgorod

The building principle of Nizhny Novgorod Stadium utilizes 2 shades of blue and also white throughout and is very closely motivated by components from the Volga countryside. Innovative modern technology and also materials were utilized throughout its building and construction, as well as there were some cutting-edge choices made to ensure accessibility for the entire population and also the safety of footballers as well as fans.


A brand-new Metro terminal, Strelka, is being developed besides the stadium. The station, which gets on the Sormovsko-Meshcherskaya Line, is intended to be introduced in May 2018, just weeks prior to the World Cup. The current Metro terminal closest to the stadium is Moskovskaya on the Avtozavodskaya Line, concerning 2 kilometers from the arena. The arena is several quits away from the terminal by bus 7, 57, 66 or 69, or marshrutka 49, 86, Т9, Т20, Т67 or Т138.

The general public transport quite local to Stadium Nizhny Novgorod– Mikrorayon Sedmoye Nebo– is on Ulitsa Karla Marxa 500 meters away. This is the stop for buses 7, 41, 57, 66 and 69, and also marshrutkas 49, 86, Т7 and also Т24. The other close-by stop– Ulitsa Betankura– is 650 meters away from the field. Bus 52 and marshrutka Т7 stop there.

Rostov Arena

Rostov Arena

The Rostov Arena is a planned new arena for the city of Rostov-on-Don that will end up being the new house of FC Rostov.Plans for the brand-new stadium came to be concrete when Russia got awarded the 2018 World Cup and Rostov-on-Don picked as a host city. The final style was selected in December 2012 when Populous got chosen as the engineer.


There are 2 public transportation stops near the arena: Gorodskoi Plyazh and also Dinamo Recreational Centre. Buses 39 as well as 516 stops at both. Buses 109, 112, 122, 133, 135, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 211 & 516 and marshrutkas 49, 73, 77, 92 & 278 quit near MEGAMAG shopping center and the junction of Vostochnoye Shosse and also Poimennaya Ulitsa, a 20-minute stroll from the stadium.

The train stop nearest to Rostov Arena is Zarechnaya, accessible by train from a lot of Rostov areas. Practically the whole city is covered by train service. From the train stop, it’s a five-minute walk to the Elevator bus stop, where bus 516 will certainly take you the rest of the way to the stadium in regarding 5 mins: the sector is two quits away.

Samara Arena

Samara Arena

Samara Arena, being integrated into the city’s Kirovskiy District, lies inside the border formed by Ulitsa Demokraticheskaya, Ulitsa Tashkentskaya, Moskovskoye Shosse as well as Volzhskoye Shosse. Slated for launch in the initial quarter of 2018, the arena is scheduled to organize its test football match in April. The accessibility roadways– Dalnyaya and also Arena-2018, working as exits to the arena from the roads around it – are expected to be all set by the same time.


Building and construction are currently in progress on the transportation framework around Samara Arena, which includes a new tram spur. The tram will certainly have its reversal ring at the start of the arena’s “last mile.” It takes around 20 mins to walk down Ulitsa Dalnyaya to Samara Arena from the 16th Kilometer bus quit, where buses 1, 45, 51, 67, 110 & 410а quit, in addition to marshrutkas 1, 1к, 96, 205, 210, 221 & 295 (you need to request a stop on some marshrutka buses).

Mordovia Arena

Mordovia Arena

The Mordovia Arena, earlier described as Stadion Yubileyny and referred to as Saransk Stadium, is the currently unfinished new home of Mordovia Saransk and also one of the playing places of the 2018 World Cup.

The Mordovia Arena will at first have a capability of 45,000 seats for the World Cup, which will certainly be brought down to 28,000 seats after the World Cup by getting rid of the top tier and also transforming it into a strolling concourse.

Throughout the World Cup, the Mordovia Arena will certainly host four first-round group suits. It is additionally consistently described as Saransk Stadium in the context of the World Cup.


In the meantime, the public transportation stops nearby to Mordovia Arena goes to Volgogradskaya Ulitsa, a 10-minute leave. This stop, “Ulitsa Mokhovaya,” is for buses 1E, 2, 4, 5, 7, 13E, 17, 20, 30E, 31E, 36, 38, 41 & 44, trolleybuses 5, 5А & 15, and marshrutkas 15, 16, 21, 32, 37, 40 & 150.

The train station Posop, where high-speed electric trains quit, is about as near to the arena as the bus stop, except that it’s across the River Insar.

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