Moscow Taxi Guide

If you have got a few extra cash and do not truly feel just like cramming yourself onto general public transportation, Moscow taxi system is large and very easily attainable. With a selection of alternatives (from city vehicles to classic cab offerings to so-called gypsy cabs), it’s inescapable the fact that a taxi cab will never become far away in Russia’s capital.

Types of taxis in Moscow

  • City cars: Russia’s progressively rich elite has made certain a flourishing personal car marketplace. If you would like to be traveling in fashion and do not mind the high rates, personal town cars are actually easily found. Providers like Blacklane happen to be highly well-known even though you should not end up being amazed if you’re not able to locate an automotive obtainable at the time of high-traffic moments.
  • Taxi agencies: Considering that many Russians do not possess vehicles, generally there are a million and one economical cab solutions that perform in Moscow. Whilst you will not have very much chance getting a taxi if you don’t speak Russian, taxis may be prearranged more than the phone with the support of a Russian speaking friend as well as through an online web form. The majority of agencies are quite reasonable and will certainly often be in time. Additionally, give consideration that there are English-speaking cab solutions including Allo Taxi or Angel Taxi which – certainly – come at a premium.
  • Gypsy cabs: the most well-known cheap choice is what’s named as a gypsy cab, AKA someone with a car searching to make a few extra money. Whilst you ought to be suspicious, these types of gypsy cabs are generally very secure, and the owners are generally extremely friendly. You are able to get them by walking on the streets and searching a little unsure – one is almost certain to step ahead and try to get you into his car instantly!

If you’re searching for a drive you keep your hand out, the same as you would do to call up a standard cab. Only that in Moscow you will quite soon have a developing number of cars stop by you, eager to give you a lift.

Suggestions for having a great cost:

  • Always deal. Except if you have pre-booked a cab, always be at liberty to bargain. Whether or not drivers rarely speak English, they will almost usually know their numbers enough to bargain with foreign people. Negotiating is generally quite powerful on the roads of Moscow and less of a certainty received from the international airports. Still, it’s really worth a try.
  • Examine online first. The majority of the reputable taxi cab agencies currently have a price information on their particular websites. With a tiny bit of homework, you should be having the ability to locate a provider that is somewhat more affordable than the others.
  • Reconfirm the cost just before driving off. This is specifically crucial whenever visiting through gypsy taxi, where a driver might claim you misinterpreted him and demands a higher cost. Regrettably, that may also happen with reputable cab agencies since the motorists are self-employed, thus generally make sure to affirm the cost in advance of departing.

Start Using Mobile phone Applications:

Once again, because of smartphones, I cannot believe of a single person these times that still actually message or calls a company to obtain a cab, at least not really in Moscow. That may possibly be a different scenario in a smaller sized Russian city but certainly not here.

Applications are actually simple to use, extremely fast, comfortable and inexpensive. You can also obtain a fancier business or high-class car if you wish. Here are the Three principal applications that I utilize and one for executive rides that I haven’t used yet.

Yandex Taxi

Yandex Taxi is currently often the most affordable choice to get a drive. Within the city core, you will certainly get it very difficult to spend much more than 500 Rubles (~8$), regardless if rates improve at the busier times. Yandex Taxi provides you the solution to choose a preset cost or drive by the meter. The former is generally more suitable.

In conditions of taxi cabs themselves, you acquire a number of choices varying from standard Kias (cheapest) to Mercedes E-types (business, most high-priced). You can likewise call minivans or child-friendly taxis.

The standard cabs are generally, but not usually, yellow. I have seen driver operators be ok, often not talkative or friendly, but they will get you securely to your destination.


Uber used to become the most affordable solution but lately, I found that it’s typically somewhat costlier than at least Yandex Taxi. As the two agencies are getting to cooperate in Russia in the long term, I expect rates to turn into highly comparable shortly.

Uber usually gives you a permanent cost and 4 choices to choose from (basic, comfort, business, child-friendly). You cannot contact even bigger vehicles and there’s also no cab-sharing just like in the US for instance. Several cars are yellow, some are “civilian”. Drivers are quite much the same as at any place else, but you quite often run into some damn inexperienced ones as well.

Uber is a reasonable and extremely fast choice even though it can be costlier, specifically in cases where they have a cost spike (which usually can certainly happen to the professional party person Saturday night). Their consumer support is friendly, and any kind of concerns are generally solved quickly. Their motorists are most likely the most fragile out of all the big agencies.


Gettaxi is actually comparable to the several other alternatives. Rates can be a few % higher but you could also get a lower priced trip in cases where the other applications have a cost spike. The only main difference is that you can also choose to get a PREMIUM choice and contact a Mercedes S-type or BMW 7 series, which will be around 3-4 times the cost of the most affordable car.

The motorists at Gettaxi are generally pretty qualified and I have found them to be better than Uber for example. No unasked-for discussions, much less hassle getting the pick-up place, just generally a greater experience. Occasionally you might also receive better-looking vehicles whether or not you drive economy class (a Ford vs a Kia for example).

I have been completely utilizing Gettaxi more and more lately and I am quite completely satisfied with them. Gettaxi is generally 10% more pricey than Uber however, I found it to become really worth that significant difference in conditions of services.


Wheely is an application that has specialized in professional trips. Consequently, you no longer get low-cost ass cars driving you around. Wheely begins where Uber ends. The least expensive choices are Mercedes E-types however you could also get a Maybach if you are elegant. Totally there are 3 choices + cars with car seats for children or Mercedes minivans for groups. I’ve never seen SUVs as taxis in Moscow. As I have not, in fact, used it, I can just comment “from afar”. Rates are in theory very similar to the other taxi agencies but do not provide preset prices. This may possibly backfire if you run into one of Moscow’s huge traffic jams. Doubtless, the price will never be a concern for any person who also uses this app frequently. Waiting around times are much longer for the more high-priced choices, specifically in cases where you aren’t dispatched in the center. In the end, there’s only a lot of Maybachs running around the streets of Moscow as taxis.

I cannot comment on the service but been told only good things from people who have actually used it.

The app creates a great impression and presumptively you obtain a great client experience if you are looking for more than a basic lift. I would definitely try Wheely first in advance of utilizing one of the business choices provided by the other companies.

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