Moscow Metro : How To Use It?

If you do not speak or understand Russian, the Moscow metro can appear challenging to make use of. However, when you start utilizing it you will quickly realize that in reality, it is really easy. In addition, the Moscow metro is likewise a vital visitor destination due to the beauty of several of the stations.

I will certainly clarify to you just what terminals deserve a go to. Checking Out the Moscow Metro is one of the centerpieces of every traveler’s itinerary. If you desire to discover its ballroom-like terminals on your own this Guide is a should review. We have evaluated the troubles tourists experience on the Moscow Metro and also are currently pleased to show to you the ideas on how to avoid them.

Take a couple of mins to review it though and also it will certainly conserve you lots of time trying to identify Moscow city system!

Opened in 1935, the Moscow underground is not the world’s oldest quick transit system. Its designers had actually considered the flaws of the metro systems which currently existed by that time and made the Moscow city a lot easier to use. However, the response to the question whether the Moscow subway system is actually easy to make use of completely relies on your understanding of Russian or instead of the ability to read it.

The Moscow Metro (likewise called individuals’ Palace) was inaugurated in 1935 in the age of Stalin. It is among the largest as well as densest worldwide. It connects the town hall with the industrial and also residential areas as well as enables you to travel swiftly as well as easily if you are checking out Moscow.

The Moscow Metro is the 3rd busiest worldwide, as well as an average of 7 million individuals, use it every day. There are 12 lines offering 180 terminals that cover nearly 300 kilometers. Sound a bit frightening? You might be stunned to hear that it was the most convenient metro we’ve ever made use of. Well … once we got the hang of points, that is. After all, you’re managing metro signs that remain in Russian (which makes use of the Cyrillic alphabet) as well as not English. Now pros, we’ve created our ideas for utilizing the Moscow Metro:

Recognizing Moscow metro system

The Moscow metro system could be perplexing for any kind of tourist because 2 or 3 lines could pass by the same station. What?!

Yeah, 3 stations can be situated at the same place, which creates complication when vacationers move from one terminal to another. As well as the signs are all in Russian.

The method is to direct on your own by the city lines stood for by the shades. When you ask a Muscovite regarding ways to go to a specific metro terminal, he or she has the tendency to claim something like “you need to take from station B blue line to station C red line”.

As stated in one more suggestion, the application Yandex Metro addresses your life to discover the easiest paths from one metro station to one more in Moscow. It likewise works in English.

Each metro token in Moscow expenses 50 rubles. The less costly option is to buy a card (Ednii/ Единый) with 20 trips for 650 rubles. Once the card is finished, you need to purchase an additional card.

Entering the Metro:

metro moscow sign

Note that the recommendations and directions in this web page are normally appropriate for the majority of stations, but each station is distinct, so some do not fit the descriptions specifically, yet a lot of the variations from this general norm are small and also should not present a trouble.

On the road the Metro terminals are identified with a huge red M. You can Access the terminals by dropping the stairs, at the end of which you will see:

– A collection of doors with eco-friendly indicators through which you could Access the Metro that claims “Metro Entrance” in Russian.

– Another series of doors with red indicators that say ‘Do not get in” that are the departure doors.

Once you go in you will certainly see that there is a big Metro map in the hall of each terminal, along with automatic makers that give tickets and a ticket booth.

Buying tickets

To purchase a ticket, you’ll require money (credit cards are allowed).

Think about buying multi-ride tickets, if necessary. Please note: there is a validation period for the tickets, depending upon the variety of rides they permit: 1, as well as 2-ride cards, stand for 5 days (incl. the day of acquisition), cards for 5, 10, 20 and also 60 trips are valid for 45 days (incl. the day of acquisition).

You could likewise choose to get a Smartcard which stands 24 hours as well as costs 200 Rubles.

There are no travel areas. It doesn’t matter how far you take a trip or how long your journey is. You’ll require a ticket just once at the entrance to the metro and also don’t need to keep it until the end of your journey (unless you have unused trips in it!).

You can obtain them by two standard means:

  • Automatic dispensing equipment. They are in Russian and also English and also are simple to make use of.
  • Ticket booth. Although it is not awkward for the devices, it is far comfier to use the ticket cubicle manned by an individual (they are marked with words “KACCA”). Get in line (if there is one) and wait your turn. At the ticket booth, you could purchase tickets without needing to understand a Word of Russian. You simply should raise your hand as well as hold up the variety of fingers for the number of tickets you require (1, 2, 5, 10, 11, and so on). After paying, the cashier will certainly provide you a card that will function as your ticket.

Getting to the system

From the ticket sales area, you will certainly see turn styles where you can enter the Metro that have a card reader (in some stations they are older and in others, they are extra contemporary).

You should experience the turn style and put your card on the card reader. You will see the light adjustment from red to green indicating that you could undergo. The screen of the visitor will certainly reveal you the number of journeys you have left (if you are using a 10-trip card, the screen will certainly review 9).

Once you have undergone the turnstile, you will see an escalator that will take you down much deeper underground (stand to the precisely the escalator in order to enable people quickly to pass). When you show up down below, there will be signs indicating the lines as well as the instructions they are traveling in. In this minute it is essential to be mindful if indicators remain in Russian as well as in English, as they frequent Cyrillic (in several of the much more central stations, they can be converted).

Trains pass practically every 1-2 mins, so if you hear a train arriving it is not needed to run due to the fact that one more train will certainly pass by shortly

On the Metro

Once the train arrives, you must simply wait for individuals to leave prior to venturing out. During rush hour there can be a lot of people, so be careful not to obtain pushed around excessive. One of the most essential points is to obtain the doors as well as jump on board while they are open, given that the doors close hard.

Once inside the train, search for somewhere to rest or stand someplace where you can keep among the bars since the trains could walk around a whole lot. The train cars and trucks are typically rather old and loud.

Taking a trip from station to station

If you do not read nor comprehend Russian, you will certainly have to consult your map of the Metro and also count the number of drop in order to reach your location. In each car and truck, beside the door, there is a map of the Metro and a map of the line on which you are traveling.

The statements on the train are just in Russian. As a whole, the statement of the next terminal will certainly be read out by a guy’s voice on the trains traveling to the facility of the city and by a woman’s voice on the trains taking a trip far from the city center. On the circular line (the maroon colored line 5) a guy’s voice shows the quits if it is taking a trip in clockwise instructions and in a lady’s voice if it’s traveling counter clockwise.

You will also see that each terminal has signs with its name published but they remain in Russian and could be challenging to see from inside the train.

If you need to switch trains, after leaving the train you ought to try to find indications for the lines that you have to take. These indicators are in color (each line has its own shade) as well as are really easy to follow if you recognize the shade of the line that you have to take.

Switching lines could include increasing or down either stairways or escalators as well as passing through below ground passages. You can change trains as you desire on a single ticket, which is valid up until you leave the Metro system.

If you miss your quit, it’s not a problem. Trains go in both instructions. Just leave and also take the train entering the opposite instructions.

Exiting the Metro

When you have actually arrived at your location, merely leave the train and also search for the white indication with black letters that states “Exit to the city” using the escalator up. You can leave by means of numerous leaves to the city. Try to find the leave most appropriate to your final location.

Helpful Tips:

Get yourself a multilingual tinted map

The Moscow Metro looks a little bit like the sunlight with the primary Circle Line (Кольцевая линия) developing a ring around the facility of the city. The various other 11 lines resemble rays of the sun that meet in the facility of the city and are all connected by the Circle Line. Every one of the lines is stood for by a color and a bilingual map is one of the most useful. You’ll be able to compare your stop noted on your map in the Cyrillic alphabet with the indications instead of the station.

A good color-coded bilingual map is the very first point you need to take into consideration purchasing if you intend on utilizing the Metro. If you want to go paper-free, there are apps offered, such as Metroman or Yandex.Metro. Likewise, Moscow Metro has an eponymous app of its own, that by the summertime of 2018 is set to be available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German and Portuguese. To be on the secure side, get both an application as well as a paper map.

Individuals with specials needs: For people with specials needs, the stairways could be an awesome obstacle to relocating within the Metro system. With some exceptions, there are usually no escalators (however a lot of staircases) readily available to relocate between systems on various degrees as well as there are usually at least one or two flights of stairways just to get from the road degree to the Metro entry. There are no lifts anywhere in the system, as well as several terminals still do not have wheelchair/stroller ramps on the stairs.

Comply with the tinted indications to your train

Use your magnetic ticket to get in the turnstile. Some terminals offer multiple lines, as well as signs, are easily noted with a tinted stripe that represents the tinted lines. Often the indicators pointing to the colored lines are stickers on the ground instead of hanging from overhead, so simply make certain to take a look around. The signs additionally note the stops as well as this is where your bilingual tinted map is available in convenient. Validate you’re headed in the best instructions by pairing up the quit on your map with the indications above the escalator or on the wall surface at each track.

Examine that you’re on the best track

Since you’ve located your appropriate tinted line, make certain to again validate your quit to make certain you’re headed in the adjustment instructions. On the wall surface at each track, there is one more useful indicator which both validates the shade of the line as well as which quits the train makes. The red letters indicate the existing quit and also staying stops for that direction of the line are noted. Verify versus your city map. See what does it cost? Is that map can be found in useful? Ours was virtually falling apart after 4 days running around Moscow!

Count your quits

Many trains didn’t introduce the quits through an intercom like in London, as well as in those that did, we really did not comprehend anyway. So, count your quits as well as listen. There is likewise a panel over the doors in each auto and the traffic signal blinks to suggest the next quit. It’s still a great idea to count your stops since we came across one panel that was on the fritz as well as got worried for a couple of minutes that we ‘d gotten on the appropriate line, but in the incorrect direction.

Do not hurry out of the city!

The Moscow Metro is known as the underground palaces of Moscow and most definitely a view not to miss out on in the city. Some of the stations are even put under state protection. Over twenty kinds of marble, labradorite, granite, porphyry, rhodonite, onyx and also various other kinds of building stone were made use of in Moscow Metro building and construction. The terminals are decorated with statues, alleviations, paintings, mosaics, as well as discolored glass with each station being distinct. The metro stations are a few of the most stunning views in the city as well as, if you’re superstitious, you can even discover a little all the best in several of them!

Search for выход when you’re all set to leave.

выход suggests departure in Russian. Adhere to the signs and you’ll locate your escape of the underground maze-like facilities.

Acquire a Multi-Ride Card

Unless you’re certain you’ll only be using the Moscow Metro as soon as throughout your stay, save yourself waiting in line (and also a couple of rubles too) and obtain a multi-ride card at the window. No, charge card not accepted-bring money (Russian Rubles). See No ATM Fees: Bank Checking Accounts That Refund ATM Fees. If you don’t speak Russian, simply hand over the correct amount of loan and hold up fingers or attempt your hand at a little Russian. For 5 flights, state “Na pyat’ pozhalusta” as well as for 10 flights, say “Na day sets pozhalusta.”

Oh, and also don’t also think of not paying. It may appear to the inexperienced that because there are no gates, there’s absolutely nothing to stop you from experiencing without swiping your card. Wrong! You’re in for a VERY uncomfortable surprise if you attempt this, or if your metro card runs out flights or does not function correctly.

Comply with the Escalator Rules: Wait on the Right, Walk on the Left

Moscow escalators for some of the terminals are rather lengthy (although not virtually as lengthy as those in St. Petersburg) so you’ll discover numerous individuals strolling promptly down the left-hand side. If you’re not one of them, make certain you are waiting for the right, if you do not wish to get yelled at or shoved aside.

Learn the Cyrillic Alphabet to Recognize Station Names as well as Street or Landmark Names

Unlike St. Petersburg, for some reason Moscow doesn’t have any kind of English transliteration on the check in the terminals; only on the train map, you see in the metro automobiles. The numerous lines are color-coded, which is handy, but you still have to recognize which platform to stand on for your train, so that you don’t go the wrong direction. For the circle line, at least, also if you go the upside-down, it will certainly just take longer, but you’ll still ultimately reach your station.

You also intend to have the ability to identify the different road as well as spots names when exiting a terminal, given that there are typically multiple exits and you want to leave close to your last location.

In situation you cannot discover your way back, these expressions can be found in useful:

  1. Where is ___ terminal?: g-di-e stan-cia ___?
  2. Can you speak English?: Vi ga-va-ri-te pa-ang-glis-ski?
  3. Can you show me ___?: pa-ka-zhi-te

Body languages function very well

Do Not Attempt to Hold the Subway Doors

If you value your body parts, don’t even consider holding the subway doors. Do not claim I didn’t advise you.

Do Not Stand Near the Doors Unless You Plan to obtain Out at the Next Station

It may appear strange for any person who’s experienced a huge crowd of Russian travelers all trying to board an aircraft simultaneously (for one reason or another in that context Russians simply don’t do lines or lines) yet in the Moscow city, it’s a lot much more organized than the NYC train. Primarily, you simply do not stand near the doors unless you intend to obtain out at the following terminal, or even if it’s incredibly congested individuals still reshuffle themselves to permit the people who are leaving at the following stop to leave the train.

So, if you’re in the course towards the door and also someone behind you asks you something, the chances are at least 95% that the individual is asking you if you’re going out at the next station. Either nod or claim “Da” if you’re intending to get out at the next terminal or permit that person behind you to obtain closer to the door if you’re not going out at the next stop.

I love that during all the zealous demolition and setting up sleek brand-new buildings, Moscow a minimum of hasn’t altered its historic subway terminals, and also brand-new and also restored ones, such as Mayakovskaya, continue the tradition of great metro art. They remain one of the most attractive pieces of background from Soviet times, albeit ones that are utilized by 7 million or even more individuals daily.

If you are actually lost and no one appears to be able to help, always look for the Ring line.

I admit that Moscow Metro is made complex for a person that does not review Cyrillic.

If you are really shed, return to the Ring line and hop on a city heading either direction. Remain in the city till you see something familiar outside the window. (This metro enters circle).

Let’s find out more tips in this short video:

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5 Most Beautiful Moscow Metro Stations:

Komsomolskaya Station

It looks like an underground castle with a luxurious as well as austere inside. The fundamental motif of its decor is the Russian individuals’ battle for freedom.

Kievskaya terminal-a reunion of brotherly peoples

This terminal is committed to the union of Russia and also Ukraine, and to Soviet Ukraine. There are 24 murals showing tireless people of Soviet Ukraine on the wall surfaces.

Ploshchad Revolutsii station– one of the most “Soviet” city terminal

This station has sculptures that are placed in a particular order from October of 1917 to December of 1937. Boundary Guard with a Dog is the most popular sculpture. There is a tale that claims anybody that touches the nose of the dog will be lucky.

Novoslobodskaya station– intelligentsia holy place

This is one of one of the most colorful as well as brightest stations. Moscow citizens call it either Underground Fairytale or Stone Flower. The design is with dignity straightforward, yet this suppleness is well developed. The primary decors of Novoslobodskaya are 32 discolored glass items of unbelievable appeal.

Mayakovskaya station– positive terminal

It is instead futuristic. The terminal hides a lot of icons as well as messages both for contemporaries as well as for the future generation. It is named after the Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. You have to read his rhymes in between the lines in order to recognize their message, and also you have to see the station in reality to understand its charm. The station signifies faith in the future; at that time, during USSR it was a symbol of faith in attaining communism.

One more intriguing point one could discover are themed trains running in the city passages. These trains are named after events or anniversaries, or in the framework of themed projects.

As an example, the train Cinema Legends is committed to the International Moscow Festival. You can see this train running the circle line. Each wagon addresses movies routed by renowned Russian filmmakers: Sergey Gerasimov, Nikita Mikhalkov, Stanislav Govorukhin, Karen Shakhnazarov, Alexander Alov, Vladimir Naumov, etc.

Another themed train worth focusing on is the 70 Years of Great Victory train. Travelers can take a look at unique photo recordings, posters and also newspaper clippings of wartime in its wagons.

In addition, when riding heaven metro line, you could stumble upon the most charming train on the Moscow cosmopolitan, which is dedicated to verse. Its interior decoration is constantly altering. In various years guests had the opportunity to admire Chilean and also Italian poetry, and also learn more concerning poems by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Vladimir Nabokov, Mikhail Lermontov and Sergey Esenin.

Nowadays, Shakespearean Passion is the primary style of the train’s inside. It is devoted to commemorating the Year of Language and Culture of Great Britain as well as Russia, and also the 400-year wedding anniversary in memory of William Shakespeare.

Helpful Ressources:

Moscow metro map:

moscow metro map

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