17 Amazing Facts About Moscow

For lots of westerners, the country of Russia continues to be clouded in the aura. Yet Russia’s funding city is amongst the most modern-day and fascinating places to check out worldwide. Taking a trip in Moscow is not just a speedy via background, it’s also an unbelievable chance to witness life in among the globe’s biggest and varied cities. Right here are 17 facts about Moscow that make Russia’s capital one of the most intriguing as well as special locations around the world:

Fact # 1: Moscow is the largest city in Europe

With greater than 19 million individuals residing in Moscow’s metropolitan area, the Russian capital is the solitary most heavily populated city on the European continent. This fact is much more excellent when you think about how massive Russia is– the area is a source they have lots of. Yet the Moscow Oblast, consisting of only 0.25% of Russia’s landmass, is the home of greater than 13.5% of its homeowners!

Fact # 2: Moscow realty is among one of the priciest worldwide

With so many people competing for so little room in the Moscow metropolitan area, it ought to be no surprise that Moscow is amongst the globe’s most costly cities to get or rent real estate. Moscow consistently ranks amongst the leading 10 most pricey cities around the world for real estate. Moreover, the city is a magnet for the well-off elite. With more than 68,000 millionaires as well as billionaires living within the city restrictions, Moscow uses a lot of superior enjoyment for those with big budgets.

Fact # 3: The Soviet-built Metro system is among one of the most effective and also beautiful in the world

While New York’s Subway system simply experienced a record-setting year for hold-ups, the Moscow Metro continuous lies appreciate its standing as one of the busiest and most efficient public transport systems worldwide. Initially developed by the Soviets in 1935, today the Moscow Metro transfers over 9 million everyday passengers each weekday with some trains running as frequently as every 90 secs. The only city transportation systems that lug even more people are Tokyo and also Seoul! However, the Moscow Metro isn’t really simply active, it is also extremely beautiful. Due to the fact that a vital part of the Soviet policy was to incorporate ideological art into public spaces, Moscow Metro stations are like below ground art and background galleries.

An additional enjoyable truth about the Moscow Metro relates to the announcements made in the trains, a tip that can be specifically helpful for vacationers navigating Moscow. If you hear a male voice announce the next terminal, you are on a train bound for the city. If you listen to a female voice, then you are gone out of the city.

Fact # 4: The city has a really high focus on galleries, parks, and also monoliths

Part of the Soviet heritage that is still plainly apparent in Moscow today is the fact that there are seemingly countless social sites and landmarks. As a matter of fact, there are more than 400 museums in Moscow. From statuaries celebrating Soviet accomplishments to historic buildings to world-class art galleries to stretching city parks– Moscow has an attraction on every edge. Education and learning and recreation were two locations of public life where the Soviet state was greatly involved, and also their efforts to these ends are all over the city.

Fact # 5: The first ever McDonald remains in the USSR opened in Moscow in 1990 and also is still in procedure

More than another occasion that leads up to the fall of the Soviet Union, the opening of the nation’s first McDonald’s in Moscow seems to be the most symbolic. The junk food company had remained in conversation with Soviet officials because of 1976 concerning possibly opening up one of their dining establishments in the country. After almost 15 years of arrangements, the USSR’s initial McDonald’s opened up on a bitterly cold January day in 1990 to a crowd of over 30,000 consumers who waited in line for over 6 hrs. Today there are loads of McDonald’s (and also Wendy’s, and also Burger Kings …) in Moscow, but the original dining establishment is still in operation near Pushkin Square.

Fact # 6: Normal vehicle drivers will quit if you attempt to hail a taxi

If you stand on the street in New York and elevate your arm, a yellow taxi will certainly pull up. Do this in Moscow, and don’t be stunned if any kind of normal vehicle driver stops as well as asks where you want to go. Because of the capability to haggle on the price in advance, many Muscovites like this “black market” taxi technique to official ones. Though the method has practically been illegal given that in 2011, these unofficial cabs are still incredibly typical in Moscow. Yet due to scammers who prey on vacationers, we highly discourage visitors from taking any kind of informal ways of transport.

Fact # 7: Stray dogs have actually learned how to browse the Metro system

One thing that generally protrudes to Westerners when they travel in non-western nations is the number of stray dogs and also felines they discover. Moscow carries out, in fact, have several stray canines, but there is something quite special regarding some of them. For the past few decades, a handful of stray dogs have been understood to be regular travelers on the Moscow Metro. Numerous generations of strays have learned how to enter the terminals, avoid capture, as well as take the trains to details locations. Many Muscovites hardly bat an eye when they see these canines riding the Metro, however, one terrified traveler stabbed a roaming to death in 2001. The city was so dismayed by this incident the roaming was posthumously named Malchik and also memorialized with a statue in the Mendelevskaya station.

Fact # 8: There is a dining establishment where you can eat in complete darkness

Definitely, a trip for the detects, Moscow dining establishment V Temnote (Russian for “in darkness”) supplies a one-of-a-kind eating experience where clients are offered without any lighting. Eating at V Temnote needs relinquishing a great deal of control: you do not get to purchase your food, you only define meat, fish, or vegan; you are lead thoughtlessly to your table; you cannot see the food that is offered to you, numerous find utensils as well cumbersome and opt to eat with their hands. Followers of the concept claim that the experience heightens your sense of taste and also makes you recognize just how the environment could influence our perceptions of food.

Fact # 9: Called After Moskva River

The actual name of the city in Russian is “Moskva”. When the city was founded in 1147 it was called ‘Moskov” which appeared closer to the contemporary English enunciation.

The city was called after the Moskva river, on which the city is located. Finno-Ugric tribes made use of to survive on the territory of the present-day Moscow. The name of the Moskva river most likely originates from an ancient Finnic language. According to different theories, the name of the city may suggest ‘marshy area’, ‘dark waters’, ´ mossy ordinary ´, ‘gnat’ however linguists cannot come to any type of arrangement and those concepts have not been verified.

Fact # 10: Moscow parks

Moscow is an extremely eco-friendly city. More than 40 percent of its area includes parks, yards, and woodlands.

For each Muscovite, there’re around 16 square meters of greenery (As a contrast for a New Yorker there’re about 8,6, for a Londoner – 7,5, for a Parisian 7,5 square meters of the plant).

Moscow has virtually 50 parks and also woodlands, including the national forest Elk Island, makings Moscow unique amongst the world’s capitals. Moscow has more than 700 public gardens and boulevards.

Fact # 11: The largest bell worldwide

The name of the largest bell on the planet is “Tsar Bell”. You’ll see it during the tour of Moscow Kremlin. It weighs 201,924 kilos (greater than 200 loads) with a height of 6.14 meters. The bell was cast by Ivan and also Mikhail Motorin in the 1730s throughout the power of the Empress Anna Ioanovna.

The Tsar Bell has actually never sounded; it was damaged during its casting. Just how could it occur? The bell was virtually finished when a fire burst out in the Kremlin in 1737. Soon the wooden assistance framework caught fire, and also the guards threw cold water on it. Because of this, it caused 11 fractures and also a huge item (11 heaps) fell off. It would certainly have been impossible to restore the bell. Just a century later The Tsar Bell was lifted from its pit and positioned on a stone pedestal.

It’s thought that if the bell rang, it would be listened to at a range of 50-60 kilometers. Can you envision its deafening sound?

In Russia bells were utilized not only for the church service, they played a terrific function in day-to-day life, announced crucial ceremonies, crowning, or were made use of as an alarm system throughout enemy strikes or fires. People would constantly understand the language of bells.

Fact # 12: Moscow upside-down residence

Have you been in a house where whatever is turned upside down?

The building depends on the roof. Visitors walk on the ceiling, they have to leap to reach the floor. Beds are firmly fingernailed above your head, pillows, as well as coverings, do not fall.

According to visitors, one loses the feeling of reality while wandering around your house. It appears that you are in a mad dream world.

The exhibition lies on the grounds of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre. This destination is not the first to appear, comparable houses can be located in Poland, Germany, USA, Japan. Hence in the USA one could visit a smaller sized version of the White house turned upside down and also in Kiev they constructed a restaurant on the same principle. The first topsy-turvy home was built by a Polish businessman as well as benefactor Daniel Czapiewski. This uncommon building and construction was a political message showing that the utopian communist world is an upside-down picture of the reality.

The Moscow inverted residence is open to site visitors from 10:00 to 19:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 20:00 at weekend breaks. Admission fee is 300 rubles.

Fact # 13: City of Billionaires

Moscow boasts among the biggest varieties of billionaires worldwide. Inning accordance with the Forbes, there are 84 billionaires in the city with the overall wealth of 367 billion bucks.

Fact # 14: The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters are a team of 7 buildings in Moscow created in the Stalinist design. They were built from 1947 to 1953. They are two hotels, 2 management structures, 2 blocks of apartments, as well as the Moscow State University. Remarkably, they are called “Stalin’s skyscrapers” or the “Seven Sisters.” These structures are.

Fact # 15: Check Out in Lenin Library

Lenin Library is the biggest Library in Europe, with its 43 million objects storage (maps, sheet music, audio recordings, uncommon publications, dissertations, papers). In the 1970s at the height of the popularity of The Beatles, the collection was labeled as the “Lennon Biblioteca”. It was called the V. I. Lenin State Library of the USSR from 1925 till it was renamed as the Russian State Library in 1992.

Fact # 16: The climate in Moscow

Moscow is located in the middle of the continent, so the temperature is continual, which indicates hot weather in Summer and also cold weather in Winter.

The best months are July and also August when the temperatures can reach +30 -35 Celsius. They are complied with by mid-September, which transformed into Indian Summer – the last warm days of the year typically at the end of the month. October sees the Autumn beginning and also the temperature levels can decrease to no by the end of the month.

Fact # 17: Alphabet and Language

Since Russia’s official alphabet is the Cyrillic alphabet, indications will likewise remain in the Russian language and also composed in Cyrillic script. This can make navigating tricky in the beginning, yet a Russian phrasebook could help you decipher street indicators and place names.

Finally, we will close this article with this amazing video for more facts about Moscow that we didn’t mention some of them to make this post as short as possible. well (have fun!)

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