Car Rental In Moscow

Renting a car when you take a trip to Russia could be a great alternative if you want to check out the country on your own. The petrol is cheap, there are no toll charges, the facilities are fairly OKAY, although it’s not like in EU. In this guide, you’re going to get a clear idea of car rental in Moscow that would help you make the best decision when it comes to hiring a car in Moscow.

Before choosing a hire automobile, take into consideration exactly how far you’ll be driving and also the cost of gas at your intended destination. It could be more affordable to utilize a taxi or public transportation if you’re planning on just taking short trips in the automobile

Scheduling a hire car

While scheduling a car ought to be possible at your destination, pre-booking might be a cheaper alternative and will certainly give you the peace of mind that transportation will be offered to you when you get here.


Petrol is just about 50 cents each liter (EUR2 a gallon) and also there are no toll charges, so you will most likely also pay back the rental expenses. Which means you’re going to invest concerning EUR4 each 100 km (considering an ordinary cars and truck spends concerning 8L each 100 km). To put this right into viewpoint, a trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg as well as back, which has to do with 750 km one way (1500 km return), will cost you max EUR60 in petrol, while the train is at least EUR100 each return. So if you’re 2 individuals, you’ll repay the automobile rental expense with simply one journey.

Do I need any type of additional files?

You simply need your driving license and it’s also advised to take an international driving license (however not essential).

If you drive in Moscow as well as St. Petersburg, we advise to prevent the height hrs in between 6.30 am to 10.30 am and 5.30 pm to 9.00 pm. Car parking in the center of Moscow can likewise be quite pricey.

so, if you’re simply most likely to drive around the facility, do not obtain a rental car, it won’t pay back. Nonetheless, if you’re considering taking journeys out of the community or if you’re remaining outside of the center and do not intend to drive about throughout peak hours, renting a car and truck can be a great option.

Driving in Russia is a bit disorderly, yet if you drove in Greece, Italy or Caribbean, it’s the type of the exact same. Lane self-control is kind of non-existent, however people watch out for each various other, so in the long run, it’s very little variation from any other place packed with eccentric drivers.

Exactly how pricey is it to rent an automobile?

Generally, you should expect to pay regarding EUR30 each day (based upon 1-week renting) for a basic car like VW. This would consist of the third-party insurance policy and also sometimes full collision waiver. If you want a far better high-quality auto, like BMW or Mercedes, you ‘d pay about EUR70 daily.

Renting from a European or worldwide company will certainly additionally make it simple for you to locate your automobile if you are preparing to rent out when arriving at the airport terminal. The huge companies typically have stood ideally inside Russian airport terminals; simply try to find the proper sign, which must be very easy sufficient to locate. Agencies must take cash money or credit report card payments.

Selecting a car

Think about the number of passengers, the amount of travel luggage and just what you wish to utilize the automobile for. Work with firms may use automobile classifications such as:


Cars and trucks identified as minis tend to have a small engine and only two doors. They might not have much room for luggage or added ‘deluxe’ such as a/c, yet can be valuable for short trips.


Economy-class hire cars tend to be smaller and also fuel-efficient, so they could be the ideal spending plan alternative – probably an option for couples or little families.


A family members car ought to suit both grownups and also kids pleasantly, with a lot of area for baggage.

Individuals carriers

This type of car may be required for larger households, a tiny group of individuals taking a trip with each other, or people traveling with a large quantity of travel luggage. They generally carry as much as 8 people.


As suggested by the name, this type of car will usually come with all the mod cons as well as the car may be from a stature manufacturer. Specific automobile hire business may use convertibles, very autos, and sports cars – normally for a premium price.


Lots of people like the greater seating position offered by some 4x4s as well as they can be extremely reliable on snow, ice, and also on various other hard driving surface areas. If you’re planning on taking a trip off-road or across tricky terrain, constantly contact the hire business to see whether you’re permitted to use the car in such a fashion.

Learn the Alphabet

it’s highly recommended learning as well as understanding the Cyrillic alphabet, in addition to learning a minimum of a couple of essential Russian expressions. Once you get out of the huge cities, you are very not likely to see any type of check in English, and obviously the further you get away from the huge cities the fewer individuals will speak English as your documents to check excess degrees, exemptions and any other concerns

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