Moscow Buses and Trams

For such a big city, Moscow does an excellent job of making all its nooks and also crannies quickly available with its outstanding public transport systems. Whether you’re simply arriving from the airport, attempting to browse in between points of interest, or visiting the much reaches of Moscow’s suburban areas, you’re certain to find your means with (loved one) simplicity at a terrific rate. Simply make certain you’ve checked out this overview as well as downloaded and install all the applications and also maps before you go.

For those that visit Moscow for the very first time, understanding the company of its public transportation may appear an important yet tough task. This write-up provides details on a selection of Moscow transportation offered as well as provides useful tips.

Aeroexpress Trains

All global airport terminals in Moscow have a rapid train link to the capital’s city center. All? Yes, all!

Aeroexpress trains run in between Belorussky Rail Terminal as well as Sheremetyevo airport terminal, Kievsky Rail Terminal, and Vnukovo flight terminal, and Paveletsky Rail Terminal and also Domodedovo airport terminal. Each rail terminal is linked by means of the metro circle line. The simplest means to get to Moscow from any of the 3 airport terminals (Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, or Vnukovo) is without a doubt the Aeroexpress train. The train takes 30-35 mins to obtain from each flight terminal to one of the city’s central city stations and expenses 400 rubles one way. After exiting customs it’s a matter of adhering to the red Aeorexpress indicators through the airport terminal to the train terminal.

Ways to purchase Aeroexpress tickets

Tickets for the Aeroexpress trains could be purchased online via the Aeroexpress website or at the little red and grey booths near the entryway gates at either the airports or the train stations in Moscow. If you buy online, you have the alternative to print or just download them to your smartphone.


Currently a requirement, one-way Aeroexpress ticket expenses 400 rubles on the internet and also 450 rubles at the physical stands. For an organization class experience, tickets are valued at 1000 rubles each means. Decreased prices are available for kids (130 rubles) and also for tourists who purchase the tickets wholesale. For a complete checklist of rates, go to the Aeroexpress make out the web page.

Train routine

The Aeroexpress trains run consistently from 6 am to twelve o’clock at night or 12:30 am. Trains run every half hour from Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo; every hour from the much less active Vnukovo.

Internet site

Price/Additional Info

Business Class – 1000 RUB.
Standard Class – 420 RUB (mobile application and website).
Standard Class – 470 RUB (in ticket offices, ticket vending machines, and turnstiles).
Round-trip – 840 RUB (mobile application and website).
Round-trip – 940 RUB (in ticket offices, ticket vending machines, and turnstiles).

Buses as well as Trams

Buses and also cable cars are a lot less preferred compared to the metro in Moscow merely due to the overwhelming traffic that obstructs the city’s arteries nearly 24/7. That being stated, if you would certainly like an above-ground sight of the city as you travel, buses and also trams are a wonderful way to see Moscow– if you’re not in a hurry, that is.

Each bus and cable car have a particular number which designates their path; it’s best to prepare ahead by investigating your path on Yandex Maps and also learning which bus or tram is going where you wish to go. All maps, as well as indicators in the above-ground transport, are in Russian and you should not expect the drivers to be able to aid you.

You could find bus as well as cable car quits conveniently. Bus quits generally have a little, covered waiting area marked by a blue indication. Trams are easily located because they’re affixed to the cable cords running about the road– quits are marked with a big T indication (and also generally a large team of grannies waiting to board!).

Ways to buy bus as well as tram tickets

Thankfully, recent adjustments to the system indicate that city cards can additionally be made use of as price for buses and trams (on the front of the card you’ll have the ability to see little circular graphics of each form of transport). Just check your card in the black circle on the yellow boxes at the front of the bus and push your method with the turnstile. You can likewise purchase tickets from the drivers– specific change is a need to as they usually do not have much cash money!


As discussed over, Moscow’s buses, as well as trams, service the same system as the metro. If you acquire tickets from the vehicle driver, anticipate paying 100 rubles for 2 journeys– they typically don’t have other choices to market.

Bus and tram schedule

Typically, bus, as well as tram quits, will have their times provided on a yellow sign at the bus stop. A lot of run every 10-15 minutes, however, this is usually simply a tip as traffic frequently renders the timetable useless. Buses and also cable cars usually range from 5:30 am-1am, although some less popular routes might quit earlier.

Best bus courses

– Route 119: the bus begins at Kievskaya Metro as well as winds its way south along the Moscow River. The beautiful path finishes at the Vorobyovy Gory observation deck nearby from Moscow State University

Finest tram routes

– Route A/ 3/ 39: this tram route begins at the Chistye Prudy city station in central Moscow as well as stops at several major points of interest such as Kitai Gorod, Solyanka road, Novokuznetskaya metro (near the Tretyakov Gallery), Paveletskaya city, and also finishes at the Dobryninskaya metro in southern Moscow.

– Route Bk: circling central Moscow, path Bk adheres to the huge Ring Road permitting you to hop on and off at any point around the city. This cable car quits at metro Sukharevskaya, Krasniye Vorota, Taganskaya, Paveletskaya, and also Park Kultury. It likewise has a stop straight before Gorky Park.


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